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Landscape - Garden Waterfall Fountain Kit


Small Landscape Garden Waterfall Kit

With this landscape fountain kit its easier than ever to install and enjoy your very own waterfall. The waterfall kit comes with everything you need to build a beautiful, one of a kind, recirculating garden waterfall in any space. You can create a small single waterfall or a couple of smaller ones.  The size of the feature will vary based on the overall shape and the rock size used.  Suggested head hight of the waterfall somewhere around 45cm (18") high, about 1.5m (5') long stream, the stream will be around 45cm (18") wide. 

This Small Garden Waterfall Kit is For Sale and suitable for use in the UK and Europe

The waterfall package includes the following items:

AquaBasin 45 - “Provides a basin for water to be stored and protects the pump”

12” Waterfall Spillway - “Provides a smooth flowing waterfall”

Water Feature Pump - EcoWave 2000 - “Pumps water from the water storage area back to the spillway to create a recirculating waterfall”

Low Suction Intake Attachment

Pre cut pipe - 5m of 38mm (1.5”) Flexible Suction Hose - “directs water from the pump inside the basin/reservoir to the waterfall spillway ”

1mm EPDM Waterfall Liner - 2.4m x 3m (8’ by 10’) - “creates the form of the waterfall and stream, the water proof bag so to speak”

Protection - Underlay and Overlay - 10 Sq M total (15’ by 7.5’)

Installation Kit includes: All Fittings (from the pump to the top of the waterfall, silicone, 12oz (DIY Grade) Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant

(We recommended practicing if its you first install, so grade another can of foam or upgrade to the Professional Black Waterfall Foam and applicator).

The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website as this is an example (just like an artist impression), it will depend on the rocks, gravel and plants used by the installer.

This kit is super easy to install and maintain with the step by step method, just add rocks*, water, plants and a little creativity to have your dream waterfall. 

*Rocks and Gravel (not included) these naturalises the waterfall and filters the water some what.

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