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Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant

Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant

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Are you searching for a simple-to-use waterfall foam for your pond-building needs?

Look no further than this one-time-use can of quick-expanding black foam, which doesn't require an application gun. It's an essential addition to any pond builder's toolbox in the UK.

Aquascape Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant is the quickest and most practical solution for beginners or DIY enthusiasts seeking a cost-effective option. This sealant is perfect for filling gaps and joints between rocks and boulders.

As per the Pond Advisor's recommendation (on YouTube), using these DIY-grade cans of waterfall foam is more efficient during the colder months in terms of application rate and convenience. 

Tip for working with Waterfall Foam in the colder months

It's essential to keep your Pond and Waterfall Foam Sealant at an optimal temperature to work effectively. Similar to how a hot cup of coffee or tea would quickly cool down on a frozen surface, the foam can become less effective if it gets too cold. Therefore, storing the foam indoors is recommended until you can use it. If you're working on a job site during the cooler months, keep the cans in a heated location like the cab of your van or a cool box with heat packs. Leaving them outside on cold rocks can cause problems. Ensure you keep the product at an optimal temperature before use to ensure it works effectively. 

With the Aquascape black polyurethane waterfall foam, you can maximise the water flow cascading over your waterfall and rushing down the stream. This foam is perfect for filling gaps and joints between rocks and boulders.

Are you looking for a cost-effective and practical solution for a small project or a simple touch-up on a bigger one? Our Installation Kit includes just what you need.

The Professional Black Waterfall Foam has better control if you build your first feature. It might be worth the upgrade as you can pick this Pro Grade Waterfall Foam and apply it, put it down before re-applying later, plus you get five times more.

A lot of people ask what waterfall foam is used for. I say, "Waterfall foam is a specialised product used primarily in constructing and maintaining water features within landscapes and gardens, particularly waterfalls and streams".

Is waterfall foam safe for fish?

Waterfall foam is designed to be safe for fish and plants when fully cured, making it an excellent choice for koi ponds, garden ponds, and other aquatic environments. It's available in a simple-to-use DIY can with a nozzle for easy application. The foam product expands to fill the space between construction materials, curing into a durable, weatherproof seal.

As an aquatic art, you want to be able to bend water back where you want it or control its direction. Waterfall foam helps to direct the flow of water by filling gaps between rocks and other materials in the waterfall or stream, ensuring that water travels over or through specific areas to create the desired visual and auditory effects.

Waterfall foam stabilises the rocks and materials within the water feature, securing them in place, which is crucial for maintaining the intended design and preventing erosion or displacement over time.

Is waterfall foam waterproof?

Waterfall foam helps reduce water loss by sealing gaps or crevices. This helps to ensure that water features operate smoothly. By clever use, you can direct the splash and spray back into the recirculation system or pond instead of being absorbed by the surrounding ground. However, it is essential to note that the foam does not provide a complete waterproof barrier and may not always hold water. Although a waterproof film forms over the foam's surface, a waterfall or streamliner is still required for full protection against water loss. 

Waterfall foam reduces water loss under objects, optimising the flow rate you pay or energy-efficient pump usage. 

DIY black waterfall foam can create natural-looking water features by sculpting waterfalls or streams. Once cured, rocks and vegetation can hide it, contributing to a cohesive look. You can also layer up the foam so you can fill the void 90% completely, and once cured, you can foam sections of moss, rock dust, or soil into the last bit of the cavity so you would not even know it's a joint or sometimes two rocks. 

How long does waterfall foam take to cure?

The curing time for waterfall foam can vary depending on the product, the ambient temperature, and humidity levels at the time of application. Generally, most waterfall foam products start to cure (harden) within minutes after application, but they may require several hours to cure fully. Here's a rough guideline:

Skinning Time: Depending on environmental conditions, the foam's outer layer or "skin" usually forms within 30 minutes to an hour.

Full Cure Time: Complete curing, when the foam has hardened all the way through and reached its maximum strength, typically takes 12 to 24 hours.

It's essential to consult the specific instructions if you are not using this product made by Aquascape since different formulations might have slightly different curing times. We have trialled many products, and this is our choice in colder months, with the pro-grade in the spring, summer, and autumn. Lower temperatures and higher humidity can extend the curing process, while warmer and drier conditions shorten it. For the best results, apply the foam in the recommended conditions and give it enough time to fully cure before proceeding with any additional construction or landscaping work around the water feature. It is so easy to use compared to concrete when building a waterfall, and you only have to wait for the skinning time before switching the water feature pump on.

Want more information about this waterfall foam and the pro-grade version?  

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