We Are Hiring

At Water Feature Shop Limited, we’re a team of professionals and a family who share that same passion and vision—doing things that matter, for people that matter.  We care for our team as we do for our customers and encourage our family to grow personally and professionally with individually set and signed 90-day game plans.

We’re a transparent, open-book company that takes responsibility for our impact on the world, accepts responsibility for failures, and has a sense of gratitude as a team and individuals each day, every week, and during our monthly round-ups. If you want to be part of our growing water feature company, you should expect full support and give compliments to and from your team members. 

The Water Feature Shop Limited family is about – helping each other with ideas and continuously learning and working together towards a common goal. Our goal is to give our customers the products to create the water features of their dreams or clients’ dreams.  Marks mission one of our founders wants everyone to be able to Dream, Plan and Enjoy Ponds and Water Features, meaning you and the world spends more time together relaxing in the garden.

Why Have You Clicked On This Page? 

We are assuming it’s for one of the following reasons:

You want to leave your current position because:

  • You don’t feel your current situation gives you enough purpose;
  • You are not receiving the pay you what or YOU think you’re worth;
  • Your family does not always come first;
  • You don’t have a clear path or game plan for the progress and self-develop;
  • The job has become a JOB (clocking in and out), nothing new and exciting

Or maybe you’re self-employed and:

  • You now realise it takes a team; business is lonely,
  • End up working two jobs (day and night),
  • Flexible hours means working them all;
  • Sorting out tax is just pain, or you never have enough;
  • No protection, during the lockdown, you couldn’t claim furlough;
  • Enough work in the winter (no security),
  • You have to drop your prices;
  • Can’t find help when you need it,
  • Can’t sleep and miserable;
  • No support or get-up and go from a supportive team;
  • You’re worrying if you can provide for your family;
  • Working for yourself has become a nightmare.

Do you embrace change and challenges, are you able to think outside (the box) or in the garden, happy to get stuff done (own projects or team assignments), being an essential part of a forward-thinking team, and receive compliments about your hard work from fellow team members and customers…