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So if you're looking for professional pond specialists or several water feature installers, you're in the right place.

The BCAC companies are the UK's most qualified and informed pond contractors for EcoSystem Ponds and Aquascape Water Features in the pond and water gardening industry.

This page is not like any other business listings or local business directory! Mark, our very own 

Water Feature Shop Limited pond guy AKA “The Pond Advisor” from Any Pond Limited has provided a list of his trusted pond contractors below. Also, every one of our certified aquascape contractors listed here in the UK has their profile page with direct phone numbers and named points of contact; also on their profile pages are links to the pond companies' social media accounts and, of course,, their websites and some project photos.

All BCACs must attend continual training and education seminars and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service and support (home and overseas).

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Master BCACs

Any Pond Limited

Brit Ponds LLP

McQueen Landscapes Ltd

JD Landscapes and Ponds

Nice Ponds


Yorkshire Aquascapes

Olympian Water Gardens

SI Waterscapes Ltd

DU Waterscapes Ltd

Elevate Ponds

Natural Waterscapes

Universal Aquascapes Limited

Willows Waterscapes


Michael Blanch

Peter Pringle Landscapes

Ecoscape Water Gardens

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British Certified Aquascape Contractors 

 Finding The Right British Pond Contractor is not that hard these days.

Here are more Water Feature Installers in the UK.

We hear this typical conversation before our clients message us after looking for a UK pond builder or contractors.

Let’s pretend for a second you’re a fly on the wall, listening in on a conversation between this couple that needs a professional pond builder to help them with a water feature in the British garden.

“We need to talk to some fish pond builders or pond maintenance company for this,” Bryan says.

Julie smiles and nods. “I think you’re right. You have been on about contacting a pond company for some time now. I agree as I would prefer you to stop messing around with your weekends and I would like some water plants to make the back garden look amazing, so we need to talk to some garden pond builders or koi pond builders as I know-how. Much you like your koi fish.”

Bryan had been watching lots of videos on youtube while researching garden pond construction -

Now, they can finally start looking at installing a new one.
Bryan, after reaching for his phone. Bryan said, “OK, I will start searching for the Top Pond Contractors in the UK. Hopefully, we can find some local pond builders on the local business directory sites”.

Julie shakes her head. “Let's skip those directories for now and look more local. I bet we can find something better!” The couple starts searching Google for pond contractors in the UK to review what others say about them.
After searching for a while, there was a few to choose from a few had lots of google reviews.

Hire the best local pond installers or specialists near your location with no delay. Check this A+ list of top companies - remember only to hire quality professional pond installation companies.

The Best Pond Builders In Great Britain And How To Find The Right One For You

You Can Trust These Companies With Your Pond Building And Maintenance Projects

Here at Water Feature Shop Limited, we provide you with a list of our top British Certified Aquascape Contractors (BCACs) and Local Water Feature Installers.

Find all our recommended British water feature contractors below -