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Professional Black Waterfall Foam - UK

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This professional black waterfall foam is an expanding black polyurethane foam.

Available in the UK for DIY or Professional applications.  Is ideal for filling gaps and spaces between waterfall and stream rocks. This black waterfall sealant helps pond and water feature builders optimise the flowing water. For precision control of water flow for use with Economy Foam Gun Applicator (#54003)

This product is black in colour so it’s easily hidden, safe for fish and plants.

Expandable black waterfall foam was created for professionals who install waterfalls for customers. Unlike motor or silicone, black waterfall foam expands to fill voids between the gaps in the waterfall. Weather that is next to the waterfall filter or in-between to framing rocks.

This waterfall foam is designed to divert the moving water over the top of the stones.

Additionally the water fall foam will not crack in freezing conditions like mortar can. This fish friendly waterfall foam sealant is less visible than the yellow insulation foam builders use (this builders foam is not designed for pond use).

Designed to last 20 years with exposure to the elements. Which makes it perfect for residential or commercial water features. This black waterfall foam sealant allows the user to be creative when installing a water feature. It dries fast with in 30 mins and can be moulded and cut.

NET WT. 680G (24OZ) 

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