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Small - Aquablox

Small - Aquablox

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These AquaBlox® are the leading product in the industry; water feature shops are the leading UK Dealers of these Aquascape Aquablox.

The Aquascape AquaBlox® small water storage module displaces the water for use with Pondless® Waterfalls, RainXchange reservoirs (rainwater harvesting), and other water feature applications.

Small Aquablox dimensions are as follows: 

  • 68.5cm long by 41cm wide by 24cm high
  • 26.5 x 16 x 9.5 inches (LxWxH) 

Each Small AquaBlox® total water volume:

The total volume of the space for a single small AquaBlox is 68,544 cubic centimetres (cc). To work out the amount of water, we times this number by 0.95 as 5% of the space is made up of the plastic, so that results in 95% of the space can be water.

Total water volume per Small AquaBlox = 65,116.8 cubic centimeters (cc)

  • 65 litres of water
  • 0.0651 Cubic Meters

Approximately 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot.

The small AquaBlox® allows over three times more water storage capacity than gravel alone. Due to evaporation rates, this extra storage capacity will mean less time to top off the reservoir.

Each AquaBlox® for sale in the UK are manufactured using recycled materials and designed to efficiently maximise water storage capacity, providing the ability to hold more water with a smaller reservoir footprint. Sometimes, there are tags in the manufacturing process, but this will not affect the product's strength—8-ton direct loading capacity per square meter (extra supports can be added or removed as needed).  

Using AquaBlox® replace roll and pebble in the Pondless® waterfall/stream basin. Removing the pebble from the basin means less work; with the AquaBlox®, there is more water volume in the same area, providing years of trouble-free enjoyment and allowing for installation in various situations.

Aquascape AquaBlox® are easy to clean, less prone to clogging, and come complete with the top, bottom, two sides, and four structural supports that come as a flat pack easily assembled. 

Pond Advisor says...

These small aqua blocks are very sturdy and are easy to install; you don't have to dig as much as with the larger AquaBlox® due to their size and depth of them. So you can spread the load by digging out broader and shallower than deeper. 

AquaBlox® are a speciality item and one-time purchase; we have used these for years on several projects, i.e. aquascape pondless waterfall systems, aquascape wetland filter systems, aqua blocks for ponds, AquaBlox® wetlands,

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