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Large - Aquablox

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The Aquascape AquaBlox® large water storage module displaces water for use with Pondless® Waterfall reservoirs, rainwater harvesting projects, and other various water feature applications.

What do aqua blocks do?

AquaBlox® are manufactured using recycled materials and designed to efficiently maximise water storage capacity, providing the ability to hold more water with a smaller reservoir footprint.

Each large AquaBlox® volume is 126 litres.  Holding approximately 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot, the large AquaBlox® 

This extra storage capacity will mean less time needed to top of the reservoir due to evaporation. Using AquaBlox® will also decrease the amount of labour, liner, and underlayment required during installation.

How much weight can an aqua block hold?

The load-bearing top will support up to 2.5 ton (5,472 pounds) per square foot. Each AquaBlox® with take 4 Ton. Providing years of trouble-free enjoyment and allowing for installation in a wide variety of situations.

Aquascape AquaBlox® are easy to clean, less prone to clogging, and come complete with the top, bottom, two sides, and four structural supports.

AquaBlox ® dimensions - Large (Aquascape Aqua Blocks)

68.5cm Long x 41cm Wide x 45cm High. 

These plastic units come flat packed that are then easily assembled on site. Also available are double sized units ideal for larger pondless systems or just to increase your water storage area.  Did you know these basins can be made to hold rain water. An under ground tank custom size that can be used to irrigate from. 

What are the differences between AquaBlox and other alternatives in a pond?

  • AquaBlox are specifically engineered for in-ground water storage management. It is designed to handle much greater load-bearing weights than milk crates or other alternatives.
  • Using Aquablox's allow more than 3 times the water storage capacity v simply digging a hole and filling it with gravel.  This is what we used to use to create pondless waterfalls years ago.  So now using aquabloxs its help reduce the size of the hole.
  • We have also moved away from metal grids because you don't need to support the metal grid with concrete walls (avoiding subsidence).
  • How the AquaBloxs are made and designed they will not deform, even more so when installed correctly with a loose free draining material. You can use these along side the pump vaults and create many shapes
  • 8 Aquabloxs to a square meter.

Can you can stack AquaBlox up for larger applications?

Yes, you can stack AquaBlox together or on top of each other, in fact AquaBlox will fit in a number of different configurations. We have also taken aquabloxs apart to make smaller or use as separate panel's.

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