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Large Snorkel®

Large Snorkel®

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Aquascape® Large Snorkel®

When using these aquascape® large snorkel vaults when you are building a constructed wetland filtration systems. These vaults are large enough to drop down a clean out or sump pump into the base of the large biological filter.  Making the job of cleaning as simple and very easy. as dropping the pump in and removing some water and back washing the filter. 

Aquascape® have made these large snorkel modular so you can build a filter system for any size of ecosystem, lake or pond.  These types of filters have a smaller foot print to help manage the organic material from the water.  If you don't install these snorkels how would you remove the waste that build up in large freshwater ecosystems all around the world.

You may of heard of ponds filling up with waste so wet dredging is the only option, however when using these vaults you don't need to spend the money and invade the ecosystem with dredging machines, providing these wetland filters you are providing the surface area the bacteria needs to feed and consume the pond waste naturally.

The aquascape snorkels come with 4 points to which the centipedes

® can be attached to help with a number of different applications.  You can install these units when building new water features or upgrading established ponds and lakes.

The top of the snorkel has a cap that is included so you can hide the top of the vault above or below the surface of the filter.  Most people do not even know that the wetland is a mad made filter mistaking the natural beauty as they a use to having filtration rooms or pump houses.  

If you have read this far you might be ask ok so what are the dimensions of the unit as the pictures do not show any scale.

Length - 

117.50cm x Width - 

35cm x Height - 


The imperial dimensions of aquascape large snorkel is 14” x 14” x 47”


The Key Bullet Points to remember about the aquascape snorkels

  • Provides an easy way to clean wetland filtration systems

  • Reduces the need for costly dredging of a pond

  • Included cap is easily disguised

  • Easily retrofitted into existing water features and filtration systems

 Snorkel and Centipede Wetland Filtration


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