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Large Snorkel and Cap

Large Snorkel and Cap

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Explore the pinnacle of pond filtration with the Aquascape® Large Snorkel® Vault, an essential component in constructing effective wetland filtration systems. Designed for ease and efficiency, these vaults allow for simple maintenance and cleaning of large biological filters.

Key Features:

  • Allows easy insertion of a clean-out or sump pump for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Modular design, adaptable for any size of ecosystem, lake, or pond.
  • Compact footprint, effectively managing organic material in the water.
  • Eliminates the need for costly and invasive dredging.
  • Includes a discreet cap for seamless integration into the landscape.
  • Easily retrofit into new or existing water features.
  • Dimensions: Length - 117.50cm, Width - 35cm, Height - 35cm (Imperial: 14” x 14” x 47”).

The Large Snorkel® Vault from Aquascape® revolutionises wetland filtration, offering a natural and efficient solution for maintaining large freshwater ecosystems. Its innovative design not only ensures easy cleaning but also maintains the aesthetic beauty of man-made wetlands, often mistaken for natural settings.

The Large Snorkel Vault plays a supportive and integral role in the function of the Large Centipede Module within a wetland filtration system. Here's how they work together:

  1. Central Access Point: The Large Snorkel Vault acts as the main access hub to the filtration system. It is where maintenance and cleaning operations are managed, making it easier to access the Centipede Module and other components of the filtration system.

  2. Connection and Integration: The Snorkel Vault connects directly to the Large Centipede Module. This connection allows water to flow between the two components and facilitates the maintenance process. The Snorkel essentially serves as the entry and exit point for water and cleaning equipment.

  3. Facilitates Maintenance: The primary role of the Snorkel in supporting the Centipede Module is to simplify maintenance. It allows for the insertion of a clean-out pump or sump pump directly into the Centipede Module to remove sediment and debris that the Centipede captures. This setup negates the need for dismantling or manually accessing the Centipede Module for cleaning.

  4. Enhances Filtration Efficiency: The Snorkel Vault, in conjunction with the Centipede Module, helps to ensure that the water is evenly distributed and flows properly through the filtration system. This uniform distribution is key to effective filtration, as it ensures that all water passing through the system is adequately treated.

  5. Modular System Synergy: The Large Snorkel and the Large Centipede are designed to work together as part of a modular system. This means they can be adapted to suit different sizes and types of water features, from small garden ponds to large lakes.

In essence, the Large Snorkel Vault supports the Large Centipede Module by providing easy access for maintenance, facilitating effective water flow and filtration, and ensuring the overall functionality and efficiency of the wetland filtration system.


The Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault Extension is necessary in certain scenarios to enhance the functionality of the Large Snorkel® Vault, particularly in ponds or water features with specific requirements. Here's why the extension might be needed:

  1. Deeper Basins: If the water feature or pond has a deeper basin than what the standard Large Snorkel® Vault can accommodate, the extension increases its height. This ensures that the top of the Snorkel Vault is accessible and at the correct level relative to the water surface or ground level.

  2. Larger Pump Systems: In systems where larger pumps are used, which might require more space or deeper installation, the extension allows the Snorkel Vault to effectively house and facilitate these larger pump systems.

  3. Improved Access and Maintenance: The extension can make it easier to access the internals of the Snorkel Vault for maintenance, cleaning, or adjustments, especially in larger or more complex pond systems.

  4. Versatility in Design and Construction: The extension offers flexibility in designing and constructing water features. It allows for customization according to the specific depth and size requirements of the project, ensuring that the filtration system can be adapted to a wide range of designs.

  5. Maintaining Water Level and Filtration Efficiency: For effective filtration, it's crucial that the Snorkel Vault is correctly positioned within the water feature. The extension ensures that the vault is at the optimum depth for maintaining the right water level and ensuring efficient filtration.

In summary, the Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault Extension is a practical addition for adapting the Large Snorkel® Vault to various pond depths and pump sizes, ensuring easy access for maintenance and optimal functionality of the filtration system.

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