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Large Centipede Module

Large Centipede Module

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Elevate your wetland filtration with the Aquascape Large Centipede® Module, a cornerstone in efficient sediment removal and water quality enhancement. Ideally positioned at the lowest point of the wetland filter, it's engineered to decrease maintenance and improve the clarity and health of your water.

Key Features:

  • Optimizes sediment removal, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Enhances water quality by stripping excess nutrients.
  • Modular design, perfect for both earth-bottom and lined ponds.
  • Suitable for a wide range of pond projects, both new and existing.
  • Ideally paired with the Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault.

The Large Centipede® Module is a testament to Aquascape's commitment to innovative, practical solutions for large-scale water features. Its versatile design and easy retrofitting make it an indispensable tool for maintaining the natural beauty and balance of your pond environment.

The Large Centipede Module works in conjunction with the Large Snorkel Vault as part of an efficient and effective wetland filtration system. Here's how they function together:

  1. Integration of Components: The Large Snorkel Vault serves as the central access point for the wetland filtration system. The Large Centipede Module, which is designed to sit at the lowest point of the wetland filter, attaches to the Snorkel Vault.

  2. Sediment Removal: The Centipede Module is where sediment and debris settle and are collected. It features a series of channels or compartments that help in efficiently trapping and holding sediment.

  3. Easy Maintenance: The Large Snorkel Vault provides access to the Centipede Module below. For cleaning, a sump or clean-out pump can be dropped into the Snorkel Vault, allowing easy removal of the accumulated debris from the Centipede Module without having to physically access or disturb the entire filtration system.

  4. Water Flow and Filtration: Water flows through the Centipede Module, where the sediment is removed, and then moves upwards through the gravel and plant root systems of the wetland filter. This process naturally removes excess nutrients and other contaminants, thereby cleaning the water.

  5. Modular Design: Both the Snorkel and the Centipede are modular, meaning they can be used in various configurations depending on the size and requirements of the pond or water feature. This modularity allows for the creation of a custom filtration system suited to the specific needs of each unique aquatic environment.

In summary, the Large Centipede Module and the Large Snorkel Vault work together as integral parts of a wetland filtration system, with the Centipede Module focusing on sediment capture and the Snorkel providing easy access for maintenance. This synergy enhances the effectiveness of the filtration process, ensuring clean and clear water in the pond or water feature.

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