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XT - Smart Pond Dosing System - Add-On Kit

XT - Smart Pond Dosing System - Add-On Kit

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Enhance your pond, waterfall, or fountain maintenance with the Smart Pond Dosing System Controller Add-On Kit, designed to work seamlessly with the Smart Pond Dosing System XT. This add-on kit allows for the simultaneous application of two 1 litre water treatments, optimising your water care routine. Use "Maintain for Ponds" as the essential treatment for ponds and "Prevent for Fountains" as the primary solution for fountains and waterfalls. For enhanced results, combine these staple treatments with our specialized problem-solving solutions, such as pairing "Maintain for Ponds" with "Clear for Ponds" for unmatched water clarity.

The controller integrates with the Aquascape Smart Control App, providing convenient dosage settings and low treatment alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet. Each kit includes a control panel, a treatment intake assembly with a low treatment alert feature, and all necessary tubing and cables, making it easier than ever to achieve pristine water quality.

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