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Replacement Mats for Waterfall Filter

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Here at water feature shop we carry a good range of replacement filter pads and mats. We hope to have made it easy for you to find and select the right one for your waterfall filter box. The mats and pads for all our waterfall filters including the ones that was included in you waterfall filter box. These brand new replacement filters are much easier to to install than other copies or making your own.

These filter pads and mats are specifically designed as replacement the original filter mat for all the Signature Series Biofalls from the Professional MicroFalls 1000, 2500, 6000 and not for getting the more affordable DIY biological waterfall filters.

Each bag includes one Pad or Mat, we do however recommend (x2) filter pads per unit.

Here are the dimensions of the Pre Cut Aquascape Spare Filter Mats

  • 1000 - 37cm (14.5") x 33cm (13") x 5cm (2") Thick
  • 2500 - 56cm (22") x 45cm (18") x 5cm (2") Thick
  • 6000 - 67cm (26.5") x 53cm (21") x 5cm (2") Thick


We carry other spare parts and other pond filtration including the aquascape bio balls, the actual filters systems for our ecosystem ponds, check out by clicking the links above and below.

This Water Feature Shop is home for all your aquascaping needs outside in your garden.

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