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Spillway Bowl and Basin Water Feature Kit 49/52 cm (19”/21”)

Spillway Bowl and Basin Water Feature Kit 49/52 cm (19”/21”)

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Introducing the new smaller Spillway Bowl and Basin Water Feature kit. This water feature kit features the smaller spillway bowl 49cm and basin 52cm, both crafted from durable GFRC with an attractive patina finish. These components, available individually, form a multi-step fountain that enhances any environment.

The kit includes the robust Aquabasin 30 reservoir which holds 102 litres of water, dramatically reducing maintenance needs. Made from professional-grade, high density polyethylene and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty, the basin ensures optimal water circulation and easy access.

The Ultra 3000 water pump, which has exceptional energy efficiency, powers the fountain. The necessary pipe and fittings make /the installation straightforward, providing a hassle free setup. 

This kit features:

* Elegant Design: 49cm Spillway Bowl and 52cm Basin

* Water Feature Reservior:  Aquabasin 30 stores up to 102 litres, minimising maintenance 

* Durable Construction: Professional-grade materials with a lifetime warranty

*Energy Efficient Pump: Aquascape Ultra 3000 pump for adequate water circulation: Simplified installation process for quick enjoyment.

* User-Friendly Setup: 

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