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Sludge Cleaner Bubble Tabs


Aquascape Sludge Cleaner Bubble Tabs contain over 500 million concentrated heterotrophic bacteria, including fast-acting enzymes and humic acid that can often help soften pond water.

This tub contains 36 Tabs (Total of 13623 Litres)

One tab treats 378 Litres of water

This product is not a magic wand treatment, yes they help easy to dose drop it in and watch reducing unsightly water quality problems. 

This combination of natural cleaners helps to keep pond bottoms and filters clean and clear resulting in less pond maintenance.

Aquascape Sludge Cleaner Bubble Tabs maintain a strong biological balance providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions. Pond Bottom and Filter Cleaner.

Safe for Fish, Plants, Pets and Wildlife

Helps clean rocks, gravel and your filters. 

Easy to dose simply drop a tab in to the pond. No Mess

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