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Sandboxes for Hire



Sandboxes at For Hire 

Are you the type of person that wants to hire a sand pit for your team or a single waterfall box to dial in your water feature creation skills.

Hire your very own space to practicing your own waterfall construction skills!  

These sand filled waterfall boxes are for aquatic installation training.  Ready for Aquatic Artists, DIY Weekend Warriors and Professionals a like

Available for hire by the hour, half a day or event all day if needed.  What ever you wish the options are endless.

The waterfall boxes measure:

2.4m by 2.4m 

These three boxes are available for half a day and design for practicing building small waterfalls.

The Sand Pit measures:

6m by 4.5m by 1m deep

This sand pit is available to hire for the day and has been designed for build ponds.

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