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Pond Liner - Repair Patch 6”

Pond Liner - Repair Patch 6”

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EPDM Liner Patch 6″

Water feature leaks can be extremely frustrating and challenging to repair. The Aquascape EPDM Liner Patch makes it easy to quickly repair holes, tears, and cuts in the EPDM liner. This 6″ self-adhesive patch is simple and easy to use, helping you to make that frustrating leak disappear.

If you accidentally cut your 1mm EPDM Fish Safe Water Garden & Pond Liner, the Aquascape 6" Self-Adhesive Round Patch is a great solution. This patch is easy to use and doesn't require messy patch kits to repair the damage quickly.

The Pond Advisor says….

To successfully apply the pond repair patch, it is important to first make sure that the liner is thoroughly clean and completely dry, with no presence of algae or scale. For old EPDM pond liners, it is recommended to use the Primer in conjunction with this patch or a repair kit for optimal results. The self-adhesive patch is key, but it must be applied onto a surface that is free of dust, algae, and any grime.

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