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Quick Fix Pond Gummy


Quick Fix Pond Gummy

The quick fix pond gummy is an Aquascape Pond Treatment for ponds and water features effectively targeting ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate.  While it helps you to manage organic sludge and other types of pond waste. Each tub of treatment has enough bacteria for just over 11 thousand litres of pond water.

* Rapidly resolves pond problems, including cloudy water. 
* Innovative gummy makes for quick and easy application
* Targets ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate
* Helps control organic waste and debris
* One gummy treats up to 11,240 Litres 

The Aquascape QuickFix is an all-in-one treatment solution for a variety of pond problems. The innovative gummy makes for quick and easy application, dissolving slowly as the treatment is released.

The QuickFix Pond Gummy effectively targets ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate while helping to control organic waste and debris. Each gummy treats up to 11,340 Litres of pond water.

POND Advisor says...

Do you need to turn off a UV light ?

We don't install any UVC on our Aquascape eco system ponds as they fight the system and are not needed unless you have a bare liner fish pool. To answer the question if i had a UV on a fish pool and wanted to add any bacteria product like this.  Yes I would turn the UVC off, but its a case off as soon as you turn it back on what will happen. I choose not to use UV I prefer working with mother nature, unless in a fish pool set up, more like fish farming conditions.

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