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Multi Clean - Spot Pond Treatment

Multi Clean - Spot Pond Treatment

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Premium strength fast acting spot treatment algaecide to clean areas in a pond that are not other wise easy to clean.

How to use this contact algae treatment, simply sprinkle on to the algae surface.

Uses oxygen to lift algae and detritus for spillway rocks in a waterfall or other areas of a water feature, as a by product it adds oxygen into the pond water,

This product is well established and will work on any wet surfaces, waterfalls, stream beds and ponds. Be careful this product can be harmful, we warn users to protect skin as can burn if the skim comes in to contact with the granules or dilute as the product lifts the waste with oxygen and will heat up.

Use this product to remove and clean ugly slim or muck of a area in your water feature. Notice the results within a few hours of treatment.

Simply sprinkle the multi clean over the effected area, if you have fast flowing water turn off the pump or divert the flow to another part of the feature.

Apply the granules on to a wet surface (even works in the rain) and watch it attack the surface and lift up the muck, sludge or debris on the effected area.

Your personal pond cleaner in a tub will help remove any attached organic debris quick and easy use as a spot treatment if you need to.

Use multi clean as a scrub for stubborn areas on a water feature or rocks.  Be careful not to strip a painted surface as its very powerful. use on a small section first as a trial. if you're unsure, if the item is painted or not.

You can use the Multi Clean as a wash. Dilute a small amount in some water and wash off items around the pond.

Multi Clean is one of the fastest ways to remove algae and dirt from your pond equipment! for more info on Multi Clean

Can be used with fish and plants, any water temperature.

Can be toxic to birds or pets if not washed off so don't let the pets or wild birds bath or drink when using this product to clean.  Once rinsed down the water feature is again safe.

You can spot treat or apply a maintenance dosage as and when needed.

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