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Multi Aqua Sachets - Beneficial Pond Bacteria



Multi-Aqua is pond bacteria to reduce organic waste.

The water soluble sachets are full of 14 different strains of professional grade and premium strength beneficial bacteria for reducing pond waste.

We recommend a single sachet of multi aqua as a great pond treatment to kick start and seed a new pond. Or to start reducing blanket weed, algae, duckweed & sludge naturally.

This product is well established and will replenish mature ponds. Can be use from from cold water under the ice right up to the warmest of summer days.

This water treatment is a pond product which is 100% safe for pets, fish, cats, dogs etc {If used correctly}.

On this web page we have different quantities for you to purchase {from a single sachet to a bag of 5 or 25 Multi Aqua}.

The sachets come in a clear splash proof bag, that is best store off of sun light and dry.

One sachet will treat 4500 litres (roughly 1000 "imperial gallons") on a maintenance dose.

Reduction doses can be kicked off with a five day course (1 sachet on day one through to day 5), so if you have a nice size garden pond of 4500 litres or less that would mean 5 sachet total of the first five days.

We developed the multi aqua sachets in the US before Production was brought to the UK.

For more information and tips and tricks on Multi Aqua Sachets visit our information site or watch our videos on youtube

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