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Pond Net - Heavy Duty

Pond Net - Heavy Duty

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The Aquascape Heavy Duty Pond Skimmer Net is a robust and versatile tool that makes maintaining your pond a breeze. This skimmer net caters to various pond cleaning needs in two mesh types - general and soft fine mesh. The available mesh allows for swift movement through the water, ideal for skimming leaves, while the fine mesh is perfect for capturing smaller debris like duckweed. The extendable handle, ranging from 90cm (36 inches) to 1.75m (69 inches), ensures you can easily reach all areas of your pond.

Key Features:

  • Two Mesh Types: Choose between general mesh for larger debris or soft fine mesh for smaller particles.
  • Durable Construction: Built for heavy-duty use, capable of removing large quantities of debris.
  • Extendable Handle: Adjusts from 90cm to 1.75m for extended reach.
  • Protective Bottom Strip: Prevents damage to the net during use.
  • Comfortable Grip: Rubber grip and lightweight frame for easy handling.
  • Convenient Storage: Nylon loop on the handle for easy hanging.

The Pond Advisor Says:

  • Avoid lifting a fully loaded net at full extension to prevent bending.
  • Detach the net head for easier lifting of heavy debris.
  • Opt for the fine mesh to tackle duckweed problems effectively.

Usage and Benefits:

  • Versatile: Suitable for all types of pond maintenance tasks.
  • Efficient: Quickly removes leaves and debris, reducing pond maintenance time.

Ideal for:

  • Pond owners are seeking a reliable tool for regular maintenance.
  • Those deal with various types of pond debris, from leaves to duckweed.
  • Anyone needing an extendable skimmer net for hard-to-reach areas.

What net is used to catch fish in ponds?

You would typically use a fish net, often called a pond or koi net, to catch fish in ponds. These nets are designed explicitly for safely catching and handling fish, with features that minimise stress and injury to the fish. Here are some critical characteristics of fish nets suitable for ponds:

Soft, Fine Mesh: Fish nets usually have a smooth, fine mesh that is gentle on the fish's scales and fins. This fine mesh also prevents smaller fish from getting trapped or injured.

Shallow Basket Design: The net's basket is often shallow to cradle the fish comfortably and prevent them from thrashing, which could cause injury.

Fish nets are made with a spacious diameter to help catch and release fish with minimal stress, regardless of their size. While these two pond nets are primarily designed for pond maintenance, they can also catch small fish because their corner can reach tight spaces. Some round pond nets may have gaps that allow small fish to hide or swim around easily.

A long handle is proper when catching fish in a pond. It allows you to reach across without disturbing the water too much. If you want to catch fish in a pond with deep water, it's best to use a net with a handle that is half the length of the pond or longer. If you have difficulty reaching, try using two nets.

Ensuring the well-being of the pond fish we catch is crucial to us. We have carefully selected pond nets with smooth and non-abrasive edges. Our choice of pond nets stems from our professional experience constructing and maintaining various garden ponds. These nets are designed to scoop fish safely and gently so you can have peace of mind knowing that your catch will remain unharmed. Besides being effective in getting the job done, our nets also feature a protective cover over a part of the net, providing additional protection to the net and the fish.

It is essential to have a garden pond fishing net that is strong enough to hold the weight of your pond fish and light enough for easy movement. Traditional fishing nets are only sometimes suitable for this purpose, as they are often designed for catching fish to eat rather than for the well-being of prized pond fish.

The material of the net should be designed in a way that it does not catch on pond plants or any other objects present in the pond.

When using a fish net in your pond, it's essential to be gentle and calm to reduce stress on the fish. Swift yet smooth movements are recommended to catch the fish efficiently without causing panic in the pond. After use, the net should be rinsed and dried correctly to maintain its condition and prevent the spread of any potential pathogens. 

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