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Heavy Duty Pond Net

Heavy Duty Pond Net

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Heavy Duty Pond Net

The Aquascape Heavy Duty Pond Skimmer Net with Extendable Handle come in both net meshes.

The net with the general mesh is faster flowing through the water, until it lifts up with leaves.  

The net with the soft fine mesh makes it easy to collect debris of all sizes.  

The Pond Advisor says….

Don’t lift the net full of wet leaves at full stretch, you will bend the net, bring the net to the side of the pond and detach the net head and lift it out without bending the handle. 

Use the fine mesh if you have duckweed issues as this net will help reduce the smallest of Duckweeds and adult Wolffia. 

More Information 

These nets are both durable skimmer nets designed for quick and easy removal of leaves and debris. The durable, heavy duty construction net allows for removal of large amounts of debris, significantly cutting down on maintenance.

The protective bottom strip prevents net damage during use. The extendable handle makes it easy to skim those hard-to-reach areas in your pond by extending from 90cm (36-inches) to 1.75m (69-inches).

A rubber grip and lightweight frame maximise manoeuvrability and the nylon loop on the handle makes it easy to hang for storage.

We have options for everyone, we do not set the heads without the poles but we do sell both heads and one pole see the options. 

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