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Pond Hose - Suction - Heavy Duty Water Feature Pipe

Pond Hose - Suction - Heavy Duty Water Feature Pipe

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The Power of Our Suction Pond Hose

If you're wondering about the capabilities of our heavy-duty pond hose, rest assured that it is a highly efficient and reliable product. Available in black, it is specifically designed for underground burial and can withstand a maximum pressure of 6 bar. Its high durability makes it a top choice for water feature enthusiasts seeking a hose that can easily handle a wide range of water flow rates. Enjoy seamless operation and convenience with this top-quality hose.

Our Suction Pond Hose in black is purposefully engineered for underground burial, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Capable of withstanding a maximum pressure of 6 bar, this hose is the epitome of robustness. Experience the convenience of a high-quality hose that can handle a wide range of water flow rates, providing seamless operation for your water feature.

Customisable Lengths for Ultimate Convenience

With our Heavy Duty pond hoses, we put you in complete control. Choose from a range of lengths, including 1, 3, 5, and 30 meters. The 30-meter option is the maximum available on a roll, ensuring you have the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. It's essential to note that the measurements provided refer to the inside diameter of the hose, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your pond. Experience the freedom of customisation and create the water feature of your dreams.

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