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Garden Fountain Kits

Garden Fountain Kits

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Are you looking for a garden water features with a lovely noise?

These Garden Fountain Kits are easy to install we also have several videos and POND College to support you with the water feature installations.

You have found the right place, this is a lovely grey ripple water feature that is built for professional installers who want a long-lasting water feature for themselves or a client.

These Modern Formal looking fountains for their high strength, ability to maintain a lighter weight than regular concrete and durability in extreme weather conditions.

The Aquascape Medium Rippled Urn Landscape Fountain Kit is an easy way to add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to any location. This complete kit comes ready to install with an included Ultra 800 (2000lph) Water Pump and AquaBasin 45 sub-surface reservoir.

The lightweight, durable fibreglass resin composite construction is built to last and provides the look and beauty of real ceramic. Water is pumped up through the centre of the urn and gracefully cascades over the elegant rippled texture, creating a unique effect. The stunning finish will not fade or chip, ensuring year after year of enjoyment. Measuring 114cm high and 68.5cm in diameter, the Medium Rippled Urn is ideal for a wide variety of installations and locations. A section of tubing is also included for quick and easy installation.

You might be able to add the element of fire to some of the Landscape Fountain Kits with the Aquascape Fire Fountain Add-On Kit (sold separately).


Is it expensive to run a fountain?

The cost of running a garden fountain can vary depending on its size, pump efficiency, and your local electricity rates. Generally, smaller garden fountain kits are more energy-efficient and cost-effective to run, while larger ones may have higher operating costs. It's a good idea to check the specifications of the specific garden fountain kit you're interested in and calculate the estimated electricity consumption to get a better idea of the ongoing expenses.

Do garden fountains use a lot of water?

Garden fountain kits typically use a moderate amount of water, with consumption varying depending on the fountain's size and design. It's advisable to check the water requirements of the specific garden fountain kit you're considering to determine how much water it will use in your garden.

How do you make a simple garden fountain?

To create a simple garden fountain, you can start by using one of the available garden fountain kits. These kits often come with all the necessary components and instructions to make the process straightforward. It typically involves setting up a basin, pump, and decorative elements like stones or statuary. You can find various designs and styles of garden fountain kits to suit your preferences and garden's aesthetic.

Do garden fountains need a hose?

Yes, all our garden fountain kits require a hose (supplied as part of the kit) to connect the pump to a water source, such as a reservoir or a nearby water supply. The hose is essential for the circulation of water in the fountain and for maintaining its functionality.

Should you leave the outdoor fountain on all the time?

Leaving the outdoor garden fountain kits on all the time is a personal preference (some are designed for the cold please check the kit). Some people choose to run them continuously for the soothing sound and visual appeal, while others may prefer to turn them off when not in use to conserve energy. It's important to consider your water and electricity costs and your enjoyment of the fountain when deciding whether to leave it running constantly.

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