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Flow Panels 30mm



These aquascape flow panels are used in a number of applications.  Convert a spillway bowl or basin into a mini wetland filter.

The main use is for areas where additional structural support is required. For example, when placing very large boulders around an intake bay or pond reservoir, placed to cover the exposed surface of AquaBlox, they give more support when foot traffic is expected over a reservoir.

The Pond Advisor says....

I also love these panels when building intake bays as you can clean by lifting these panel up and out in meter square.

Other uses include up flow areas in the floor of a pond or lake as they help slow and spread the water rising up through the area.  

What’s the size single flow panel 

Dimensions - 60cm (23.5”) x 40cm (16”) x 30mm (1.15”)
4 Flow Panels make 1m2


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