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Faux Basalt Columns

Faux Basalt Columns

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Discover the convenience and beauty of Aquascape Faux Basalt Column Fountains, designed to simplify the creation of stunning, recirculating water features. Handmade in the USA using a blend of fiberglass, resin, and authentic stone, these fountains capture the natural look and durability of real basalt without the weight and complexity of installation.

Unlike genuine basalt, which can be cumbersome to handle, the Aquascape faux basalt columns are lightweight, making installation a breeze. Each column features a convenient base for easy securing with decorative gravel, while the included tubing and plumbing fitting effortlessly install into the recessed area at the top of the fountain.

For added ambiance, consider enhancing your fountain with our colour-changing or warm white Fountain Light (sold separately). Whether incorporated into custom installations or paired with a water basin and Ultra Water Pump for a straightforward setup, these fountains offer versatility and elegance to any outdoor space.

Please Note: Faux Basalt Columns are not compatible with the Fire and Water Torches.

Natural Stone Aesthetics:
Crafted to mimic the appearance and texture of authentic stone columns for a genuine natural aesthetic.

Recessed Water Outlet:
Water gracefully bubbles at the fountain's apex before cascading down its surface, enhancing its visual appeal.

Durable Build:
Handcrafted with a blend of fiberglass, resin, and genuine stone, ensuring longevity and resilience against outdoor elements.

Realistic Finish:
Each fountain is meticulously hand-painted with a variety of colors to achieve a lifelike surface resembling natural stone.

Integrated Base:
Designed with an integrated base for added stability during installation, ensuring easy and secure placement.

Fitting and Tubing (Not Shown):
Simple setup facilitated by the included fitting and tubing, providing convenience and ease of installation.

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