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Installing a Fairly Falls @ POND college

Installing a Fairly Falls @ POND college

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Join us at POND College for a full-day event focused on building your very own nano waterfall. The dimensions of the waterfall will be 45cm by 45cm by 20cm wide, providing you with a compact yet beautiful water feature to create.

The event will begin with a coffee and tea session at 8:30 am to allow attendees to socialize and get ready for the day ahead. The official start time for the event is 9 am, and it will last 6 to 8 hours.

Throughout the day, we will conduct a series of "How to style" classes, where professionals will guide you through building and styling the nano waterfall. These classes will take place in our sandbox studio and the 2m by 2m waterfall boxes, providing you with hands-on experience.

Additionally, we will be presenting various products related to building water features, allowing you to familiarize yourself with them and even get your hands on some of them.

One of the event's highlights will be a presentation by the GWFL TEAM, who will share their secrets and insights into pondless water features. They will also introduce the Pondless ranking sheet, which outlines the criteria and scoring system we use to evaluate our natural water features. The ranking system assigns a total score of 100, with project management accounting for 25 points, visual aspects for 50 points, and functionality for the remaining 25 points.

By the end of the event, you will have gained a greater understanding of how to build a mini waterfall and appreciate the finer details that contribute to creating a naturalistic water feature. Join us at POND College to learn from the professionals and discover the POND college standard in recreating nature.

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