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Fairly Falls - Hands on class


One day event at POND college on the 16th October

Build you very own nano waterfall measuring 45cm by 45cm by 20cm wide, 

Coffee and Tea at 8.30am (Start at 9am) 6-8 hour day

We are going to be building and presenting a number of small “How to style” classes and giving you the chance to get your hand on some of the products. All the classes will be in the sand box studio and the 2M by 2M waterfall boxes. 

Come and Learn from the professionals and learn the POND college standard recreating nature. 

Listen to Mark “The Pond Advisor”, Kenny & Luke from TEAM anypond as they share the secrets and the pondless ranking sheet.

You will walk away will greater understanding of how to build a mini waterfall and recognise the finer points to our beloved naturalistic water features. 

Our Ranked System, shows you the way we score our features out of 100 (broken down into project management - 25 / Visual - 50 / Functionality - 25).


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