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Build a Pond Day


Learn how to install an ecosystem pond at POND college 

This event is a workshop so bring you work boots and work clothes

This is the right event for you if you're looking for a hands on training event for people looking to see how a pond can be built in a day?

Want to expand your current landscaping skills.

All Landscapers, Trade and DIYers welcome, Groups Welcome we have space, this is an Outdoor event in the sand box training and the pond build in the college gardens.

We get a lot of requests from people wanting to include this type of water feature to their gardens.  Both Men and Women are welcome as we also encourage women to realise they can do this be it at home or as a viable business.

When: Saturday 4th of September

Where: At POND college

POND college, Brooke Farm, Corn-hill, Northamptonshire, NN11 8LQ

What time: 8am for registration & “Tea and Coffee“

Presented: by Mark and his Network of Advisors

Come and Join Mark “The Pond Advisor” for Q&A and his network as they teach you how to build a pond in a day.

Mark has successfully been building and designed hundreds of ponds and water features for 30 plus years. custom eco system ponds from a small garden pond kit to large ecosystem ponds and commercial water features.  Mark was awarded CAC of the year in 2020 for his help in the industry, you can watch Marks informative videos on YouTube. We’re he goes in to high level detail as he helps his viewers Dream, Plan and Enjoy Ponds and Water Features.  Mark also showcases his own and other industry professionals artistry behind the some of the world’s best water features.  This is your chance to learn “a real unique opportunity” to build a pond along side the Pond Advisors Network Not forgetting Team AnyPond “Master CACs” One of Britains leading installation teams.

What to expect from the day 

Add some hands of experience for building your very own custom creation or adding the installation of these amazing ecosystem ponds to your range of professional services. Every level of Experience will be catered for. 

Professional Track, Q & A with The Pond Advisor

Imagine you're client leaving for work at 8am and coming home at 5pm to the sound of some flowing water and a brand new beautiful work of living art.  How many people would want to come home and turn a waterfall on for the first time.

Everyone will learn hands on how to build a pond.  

That’s what you will be learning to build, right next to the best in the business. Sit back and watch or get stuck in.  This pond will unfold in front of your very eyes.  You’ll walk away with the knowledge of how to build a pond in a day.  Using the 20 step and 20 products approach.  This is an engagement training event in a custom built sand box designed for this type of hands on learning.

Will you leave inspired yes absolutely!

Coming to this workshop is a great chance to get your hands on some unique products, some items will be available so purchase on the event day.

During this one-day build, you will receive one-on-one attention from The Pond Advisor and his network possibility fellow British Certified Aquascape Contractor’s as we equip you with the fundamentals of ecosystem pond construction.

Lunch and Refreshments provided, this is a great day out with people who are passionate about learning about water features.  Lot to learn and talk about we cant wait

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