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Bio Lake

Bio Lake

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Premium pond contractor strength beneficial bacteria product for reducing and breaking down organic waste in Koi Ponds & Lakes. For best results increase the circulation.

One sachet will dose 100 square meters of water. 

How much BioLake do I need to dose? 

Initial dose (for reducing silt or organic waste)

The first dose is over a 5 day period.  Each sachet of BioLake will treat single dose up to 100m2 (this  measurement is the surface area). 

A single sachet per day for the first 5 days for every 100M2

Working example: What to dose if you have a 300 meter square pond:

3 sachet per day for the first 5 days 

3 on Monday 

3 on Tuesday

3 on Wednesday 

3 on Thursday 

3 on Friday 

On going

Maintenance Dose

Maintenance Dose (1 per month for up to 100 square meters)

Reduction Dose

You can double or triple the amount of Bio Lake as it does not contain harmful chemicals, it’s mainly beneficial bacteria and everything the bugs need to start of on they way as soon as they come into contact with the water. 

So a reduction or maintenance dose depending on how quick you want the waste to be reduced or maintained. 

You don’t need to add this product every month to the ponds or lake.  Your adding to the support system helpIng mother nature control the organic waste build up.  

Other ways to help this process is to install mechanical and biological filtration systems.  In the form of an intake bay and wetland filter.  Yes you can add a filter to your pond or lake.  In fact any size or body of water, can be filtered using the aquascape wetland and intake bay methods.


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