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Pond Thermometer - Submersible

Pond Thermometer - Submersible

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This fish pond thermometer is made by Aquascape Inc and brought into the UK for monitoring our British pond water temperatures.

Do you want to look at where the temperature is at periodically. A great tool to use throughout the year to help applications of water treatments and adjusting feeding your pond fish.

The submersible pond thermometer is a great tool that is able to assess water temperatures between -28°C and 48°C.

The included nylon string allows the thermometer to be anchored to an easily accessible location.  If you want to record the temperature at the base of the pond you will need to extend the cord.

If you want surface temperature then fix something to it that floats.

At the base (also known as the bulb) of the thermometer we have a cup to hold water so the temperature stays still while you look at it.

POND Advisors Says.... I love the fact that it's this fish pond thermometer is submersible. It's ideal for checking the base of the pond or hard to reach areas. You can fix it to a garden cane and push it down the the pond base of simply dip the cup into the pond.

Is this item easy to use? Yes this thermometer is easy to read, some might need glasses, when you look at the glass tube straight on.  The cup is designed to pick up the pond water from the top or the bottom of the pond. 

Is the item durable? This product is very light weight a perfect temperature gauge for any pond owner. Made in China 

What are the dimensions of this item? 5cm (around) by 4cm (wide) x 23cm (long)

What is a good temperature for a pond? The perfect pond water temperature should be in the range of 10°C to 25°C. Everything in the pond has a metabolic rate dependant on the water temps. When the water temp rises so does the growth rate of the fish.

Pond Water Temperature

5°C most pond fish hibernate, only feed when the fish are active and come to the hand to feed.

9°C metabolism shuts down, to the point were they slow down and are very docile

12°C immune system is shutting down

15°C to 25°C is a great growing environment for UK pond fish 

28°C  is too hot for oxygen levels and we as fish pond owners need to think about providing more shade. Pond fish colour starts to fade at high 

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