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Rapid Clear - Fine Filter Pads

Rapid Clear - Fine Filter Pads

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Enhance your pond's clarity with Aquascape Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pads. These high-efficiency pads are designed to filter out even the most minor debris, providing cleanliness that standard mechanical filter mats can't match. Ideal for use in skimmer boxes, these disposable filter mats effectively capture delicate particulate matter, ensuring your pond water remains crystal clear. Each pack contains three 12" x 24" pads, ready to assist in maintaining a pristine pond environment.

Key Features: 

  • Superior Filtration: Targets and traps delicate particulate matter.
  • Disposable Convenience: Easy to replace, maintaining optimal performance.
  • Compatible with Skimmer Boxes: Designed for easy placement inside most skimmer boxes.
  • Pack of Three: Each package includes three 12" x 24" filter pads.
  • Enhanced Pond Clarity: Achieve more transparent water by removing even the most minor debris.

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