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Lighting - 6 Way Splitter

Lighting - 6 Way Splitter

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Transform your garden lighting with the Aquascape 6-Way Quick-Connect Splitter, the ultimate solution for connecting multiple lighting components. This splitter effortlessly connects up to six quick-connect lighting fixtures to a single transformer, streamlining your garden or pond lighting setup.

Key Features:

  • Six Connections: Offers the ability to connect up to six lighting components, perfect for expansive or intricate lighting designs.
  • Quick-Connect Fittings: Features easy-to-use quick-connect fittings, allowing for simple and quick installation without manual cable splicing.
  • Expandable: Can be chained with additional 6-way splitters, providing flexibility for adding more fixtures.
  • Convenient Cable Length: Comes with a 36-inch cord, offering ample length for easy placement and maneuverability during installation.
  • Efficient Design: Streamlines the process of setting up multiple lights, making it ideal for both large and small-scale lighting projects.

The Aquascape 6-Way Quick-Connect Splitter is an essential tool for anyone looking to create a stunning and cohesive lighting display in their outdoor space. It simplifies the installation process and offers the versatility needed for diverse lighting arrangements.

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