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Faux Oak Stump Cover

Faux Oak Stump Cover

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The Faux Oak Stump Cover is a durable and highly realistic poly-resin cover designed to conceal unsightly landscape components such as outdoor electrical outlets, extension cables, transformers, Automatic Dosing Systems, and more.

Its realistic oak appearance blends easily into any outdoor setting and can be used as a seat or decorative garden accent. The cover is sturdy but lightweight, easy to move and position, and provides a convenient solution for maintaining the beauty of your outdoor space. It is the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, adding a touch of rustic charm to any garden or pond landscape.

Key Features:

  • Natural Appearance: Mimics an oak stump, seamlessly blending with your garden.
  • High-Quality Material: Durable construction ensures longevity and resistance to outdoor elements.
  • Functional Design: Ideal for hiding pump control panels, external filters, electrical outlets and switch boxes.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to move and reposition as needed.

Add a touch of natural beauty to your garden with this incredible cover.

How do you disguise an extension cable in the garden?

There are various creative ways to safely and functionally conceal an extension cable in your garden.

Here are some methods you can try:

Faux rocks or stump covers like this one are specially designed to hide garden utilities. They are realistic and blend well in outdoor spaces.

However, if you don't like this stump cover, you could purchase a garden cable concealer made of plastic or rubber that blends with your garden environment. These concealers are available in colours such as green or brown, which resemble the garden floor. 

If the cable is armoured and designed for underground use, you can bury it in a 600mm deep trench and cover it with sand, tape, and soil. It is important to check local regulations and cable specifications before doing this, as this information is constantly changing. These cables can be temporarily laid on the soil. Sometimes, you can run the cable through your garden beds and cover it with mulch, stones, or gravel.

Other ways we arrange potted plants, shrubs, or tall grasses along the cable's path is an aesthetically pleasing way to hide cables from view.

My Grandfather used to slit an old garden hose lengthwise and use it to conceal the cable. Then, he would cover the cable shallowly, much to my grandmother's disgust, when he passed as she would hit the wires planting flowers.

You can integrate the cable into your garden design by running it behind or under decorative elements such as statues, large planters, or benches.

Another option is to run the cable along the edge of garden pathways or under the pathway material, mainly if you use loose materials like pebbles or wood chips.

Remember that safety should be the primary concern when concealing extension cables outdoors. Ensure the cable is suitable for outdoor use, keep it away from water sources, and avoid creating tripping hazards. Always check that the method used complies with safety standards and does not damage the cable.

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