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AQUABASIN 30” - Water Feature Reservoir

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100 litre - Water Feature Reservoir 

This web page is about the AquaBasin 30 available in the UK and Europe. This water feature reservoir holds 100 Litres of water. 

Designed to provide a trouble-free, easy-to-install fountain basin for a wide variety of decorative water feature installations, including natural stone, brass and resin fountains.

Its innovative design provides water feature owners and installers with features and benefits that eliminate guesswork, improve water circulation, increase accessibility and ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

AquaBasin 30 Features:

  • Professional-grade, high-density polyethylene is built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty!
  • Structural deck cylinders reinforce basin strength and provide endless plumbing and lighting configurations
  • Large, flat deck design makes it easy to set and position your choice of fountain
  • Large corner pump access panel simplifies pump access, fits larger pumps and sits elevated above the deck, preventing gravel from falling into the basin when removing the lid
  • Square shape maximises water storage capacity
  • Protects pump and reduces maintenance

Pond Advisor says.....

  • Stores up to 100Litres
  • Weight capacity - 226.79Kg (500lbs)
  • Handles flow rates up to 7500 Litre per hour (2,000 US GPH)

How big is this aquabasin?  

  • 76cm (30”) Long
  • 76cm (30”) Wide
  • 25cm (10”) High

Can be used to create a mini pondless waterfall 30cm wide!

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