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Biofalls - 1000 - Pond Waterfall Filter

Biofalls - 1000 - Pond Waterfall Filter

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Professional Pond Waterfall Filter Box

The Aquascape 1000 Biofalls Signature Series Pond Waterfall Filter Box is perfect for filtering ponds in the UK with a capacity of up to 4000 litres. This filter provides excellent biological and mechanical filtration and is a high-quality, professional-grade product that is highly durable and has exceptional structural strength. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Give your pond the care it deserves with the Aquascape 1000 Biofalls Signature Series Pond Waterfall Filter Box.

Why is this waterfall filter better?

It's rotationally moulded with thick walls. The rounded polyethene is the key to its superior quality. Not only does it make it stronger, but it also blends in better with the landscape."

You can increase the flow rate to 11,000 litres per hour, but slower flow rates are recommended for better pond water filtering. Our preferred rate is 8,500 litres per hour.

This filter can be installed in various ways on the edge of small and nano garden ponds. It can be integrated back into the landscape with the help of a face plate attached to the rubber liner. 

The Aquascape Signature Series 1000 BioFalls Filter includes our patented non-cross-threading screws and 15" waterfall spillway lip. An optional rock tray (sold separately) can be added to hold rocks, plants, and gravel, helping to naturalise the BioFalls into the surrounding area.

The filter is easy to install and comes complete with fish-safe silicone, hardware, necessary fittings, a media net (where you add bio balls, a filter media sold separately), and two biological filter mats.  

The Aquascape 1000 Biofalls also carries a limited lifetime warranty.

What does the BioFalls do?

The BioFalls filtration system is vital for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem, as it promotes biological filtration.  

Here's how the BioFalls works:

Water is pumped from the pond or skimmer into the "BioFalls", a pond waterfall filter; this filter is commonly placed close to the highest point in a mound of earth next to the pond. Depending on the water feature designer, this can be right on the pond edge or further away.

Water from the pond flows through the plumbing system and reaches the base of the waterfall filter. As the water passes through the filter, it encounters filter media. The BioFalls contain filter mats or media pads that filter out larger debris, such as leaves, twigs, and organic matter suspended in the water.

After the mechanical stage of the filtration (which is usually inside the pond skimmer, not the waterfall filter), the water passes through a biological filter media. This media typically consists of bio-balls, lava rocks, or other porous materials.

Filter media refers to materials that offer a vast surface area, which beneficial bacteria can colonise. These bacteria are essential in breaking down harmful ammonia and nitrites in the water produced by fish waste and organic decay. They convert these toxic substances into less harmful nitrates. Nitrates are crucial nutrients that plants can utilise and help maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

The BioFalls filter is a type of pond filter specifically designed to create stunning waterfalls rather than just cleaning up dirty pond water. This filter can also double as a water feature and be placed beside the pond at the same level to function without noise or above the water.

After being filtered, the water flows back into the pond through the BioFalls. If the waterfall filter is installed away from the pond, it helps create a cascade or stream that adds essential oxygen to the pond water. This oxygen is crucial for the fish's well-being and the pond's overall health.

In addition to its functional role in filtration, this waterfall filter enhances the pond's visual and auditory appeal by creating a natural-looking waterfall, along with the soothing sound of flowing water.

The BioFalls system is designed to make pond maintenance and cleaning easier. The filter media can be easily accessed and replaced when needed.

In summary, the BioFalls filter plays a vital role in maintaining water clarity, ensuring good water quality, and contributing to the overall health of the pond ecosystem. Moreover, it adds to the pond or water garden's aesthetic beauty.

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