Collection: Decorative Spitters

If you’re looking for an easy way to add appeal to your water garden, look into adding a pond spitter. Pond spitters are easy, fun ways to spruce up an outdoor space and water space. These little water features perfectly accent all types of water gardens and ponds.

What is a pond spitter?

Pond spitters are placed in your garden and do exactly what their name suggests: “spit” water into your pond or water feature.

How do pond spitters work?

Pond spitters and other water feature sculpture require re-circulating and submersible pumps. These small pumps draw the water out of a pond (or water feature) and then delivers the moving water through a hose pipe or section of plumbing, then the water travels up into the spitter’s attachment.

The water runs through the tubing through to a sculpture and back into the pond (creating the beautiful splashing sound of water). This complete the recirculation of the water *

Why Should You Add a Spitter to your Pond?

There are multiple reasons why you should put a spitter in your pond: for starters, it will help your pond’s water circulation. These water features a visually appealing and some time the centre piece of the pond. It’s sonically appealing too, with its soothing splashing sounds!

If your space doesn’t have a lot of room, why not try installing a patio pond featuring one of these high-quality spitter? It would be a great choice! We love the bamboo water features for these beautiful self contained ponds. 

Water Feature and Pond Spitter :- Size and Materials

The standard water garden pond spitters, ranges in size up to 1.2 meters (or 4 feet) in height with the large pond spitters. They can stand tall on the side of a pond or placed in the middle of a fountainscape or a waterfall without pond.

They are used both alone and as part of a bigger display. These pond spitters are frequently built with materials like plastic and fibreglass resin.  other water features that spit water can be made from a number of different materials, stone, brass, copper, steel an so on. We however prefer the Aquascape range of pond spitters that we have brought into the UK.

Different material types for the spitter will have different advantages. Plastic-built spitters tend to be cheaper and may be a better purchase for this reason. Plastic statues and spitters are solid alternatives that have a lot of weight for spitters that aren’t affected by the elements. Note that the plastic resins help make them resistant to decay as time goes on.

Spitters built from brass don’t degrade or rust over time. They became even more beautiful over time, which makes them some of the most popular spitters on the market. These big brass statues are often very expensive, however, with costs ranging up to several hundred pounds.

Pond and Water Feature Spitter :- Pumps

Pond splitters all need a re-circulating and submersible pump so they can draw water out to the pond, via plastic hosing, and back into the spitter’s attachment. Water will then run through the tube back inside the sculpture, then flow right back into the bund, which completes the cycle of water circulation.

It’s vital you buy a pump which has a head that’s strong enough to work with your statue. Determine the maximum pumping height you’ll need, then determine the correct pump from there. You’ll also want a good pond pump that will work with the tube size you have.

Conclusion after read this article about our pond spitters
Built up your water feature and pond today with an attractive pond spitter

The Aquascape pond spitters are durable and affordable, and a breeze to install. They’re built with sturdy, high quality, poly-resin material which is heat and UV resistant. You’ll need a water feature pump but the hosing that connects the pump to the spitter is already included.