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Aquascape Decorative Patio Ponds. We are the UK agents for the complete aquascape patio pond range. Everyone can enjoy a lovely container water garden from the large (1m wide) to a small (60cm round) even if you only have a balcony or roof garden. Everyone can enjoy aquascape Pond Patio features inside or outdoors.

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These fantastic Patio Ponds made by Aquascape INC in America are one of the fastest and best-selling patio ponds in the world.  More importantly, they have been designed for colder temperatures & built to last year-round in much harder areas than anywhere in the United Kingdom.


"So you might ask what these patio ponds are when you get them in your hands.  They amazed me the first time I touched them in 2013 across the big pond.  They are real heavy hitters as they are a lot thicker than all the others in the UK marketplace."

Aquascape Patio Pond buyers have three choices of size and three colours in the round patio pond market. Then we come to square patio ponds. We have three sizes to choose from in the grey slate (That's Gray Slate if you're an American living in the British Isles).

This extensive choice means you can generally find one of them that will work well in your landscape.

They are so low maintenance garden displays as you don't have to water them all the time; once a week is perfect. What other tubs or containers full of colour can be left when you go away on holiday. 

As a result, if you’re going away on holiday, you don't need to worry about your neighbours forgetting or watering too much.  If the kids are about then, these can take a football or two.  The furry friends will love the posh water bowl (most prefer to drink this outdoor water). 

Suppose you're looking to add pet fish to your patio pond it's a good idea and worth considering the larger models.  With the patio pond filter, you can keep a few fish all year round in these A-grade water features.

What are the Aquascape Patio Ponds like to install?

Well, we have a video just for you.  This video will show you how easy it is to install as Scott Rhodes, a member of the aquascape team that designed these patio ponds.  Let him show you how simple it is, and you will enjoy this product for many years to come. 

In this earlier version, "2010", Scott Rhodes again shows you how easy creating this lovely water garden is. He shows you the highlights of these first-generation container water gardens with the original Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond.