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Lighting - Photocell with Timer

Lighting - Photocell with Timer

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Light up your garden effortlessly with the Aquascape Garden and Pond Photocell with Timer. This device simplifies your outdoor lighting, automatically turning lights on at dusk and off at your chosen time - choose from 4-hour, 6-hour, or 8-hour settings.

Key Features:

  • Photocell automatically activates lights at dusk.
  • Easy integration with 12-volt quick-connect components.
  • Built-in memory function maintains your settings, even after a power outage.

Can a photocell be on a timer? Yes, this one is built in!

No need for manual adjustments, making it perfect for Aquascape spotlights and waterfall lights. And if you're using the smart colour-changing light with a smart hub, the photocell isn't necessary.

Using the Photocell with Timer:

  • Plug in and set the timer for hassle-free operation.
  • Check the photocell function easily using tape or a stone to block light.

FAQs Answered:

What is the difference between a timer and a photocell?

  • Difference between timer and photocell: A timer switches lights on/off at set times, while a photocell responds to light levels.

Is Photocell the same as Dusk to Dawn?

  • Photocell vs Dusk to Dawn: Photocells are a type of dusk-to-dawn sensor, that automatically controls lights based on natural light.

Can you put a timer on outdoor lights?

  • Adding a timer to outdoor lights: This device easily adds timer functionality to your outdoor lighting.

How do you use an outdoor photocell timer?

  • Using an outdoor photocell timer: Simply plug in, set your preferred duration, and let it handle the rest.

Transform your garden lighting experience with this user-friendly, reliable photocell with a timer.


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