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1-Watt LED - Garden and Pond (Waterfall and Up Spot Lights) - 6 Pack

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The Aquascape 1-Watt LED Waterfall and Up Light 6-Pack is designed for quicker and easier installation of Aquascape lighting.

This pack includes 6 individual lights (1 watt waterfall up-light), and the specially designed box reduces packaging while taking up less space than individually purchased lights.

The kit is ideal for people wanting a set of white lights* for installations requiring multiple lights or pond professionals buying in bulk.

The energy-efficient, compact lights can be placed anywhere a spotlight is needed, and they can be used either in or out of the water, transforming the way your water feature looks at night.

Includes quick-connect fittings and removable mounting bases. Aquascape LED Waterfall Lights are completely sealed from water. they can make a magical rippling effect under moving water.

Add an up lighter or 6 into any waterfall/Stream for beauty and elegance in the day or after dark.You have two types of water feature one in the day and the other at night with these little lights you can up life and bringing the moving water or a dark landscape to life at night.

Then you install these Aquascape Garden and Pond 1-Watt lights in a waterfall if combines style and simplicity. While depth and dimension if added to garden ponds, the fish and wildlife enjoy playing in the shadows at night.

I Love using these low-profile lights as they have a very compact design. which makes them easy to tuck into the smallest of gaps to avoid hot spots. Including these little lights in or around falling water, up lighting deeper sections on your streams, and high lighting the natural looking overhangs or create that dancing water as the you place them within and behind the cascading water.

Most of the Aquascape LED lights come with a few fixtures these ones are perfect on the holder or out on their own. Extremely energy efficient which in turn is naturally minimising your energy costs and providing a 90% savings over comparable halogen lighting we use to install.

The fixture features a powerful LED diode equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light. The die-cast metal housing with a protective coating provides a durable finish that holds up in all weather conditions. Lights are permanently sealed and water tight, and they can be installed fully submerged in water or in traditional landscape settings.

Garden and pond LED lighting integrates easily with other 12-volt quick-connect components and existing low-voltage lighting systems.

3000 Kelvin temperature provides natural-looking white light 

40,000-hour bulb life span ensures years of enjoyment.

The light emits 45 lumens and a 30° beam angle.

A cord length of 14.5' is provided for ease of installation.

Aquascape LED spotlights carry a 5-year full replacement warranty.

  • 6 times 1-watt LED accent up lights for use in any water garden or traditional landscape
  • Die-cast metal housing finished with a three-part brushed architectural bronze coating holds up to all weather conditions
  • Single 1-watt LED diode provides output equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light; natural warm light colour (3500K)
  • Integrates easily with other Aqua cape quick connect 12-volt components
  • 40,000 hour bulb life; 5-year limited warranty; transformer sold separately

*Please note the packs are not complete kits you will need to purchase the transformer and a 6 way splitter if you are looking for a complete lighting package.

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