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Down Pipe Filter - Rainwater Harvesting

Down Pipe Filter - Rainwater Harvesting

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Introducing the Aquascape Downspout Filter, the ideal solution for effective downpipe filtration in the UK. Perfect for collecting rainwater for your pond or water feature, it's designed to be buried discreetly at the base of your downspout. This large downspout filter captures pollutants and debris from your roof during heavy rain.

It features a two-stage filtration process:

  1. A grated lid and optional layer of gravel remove larger debris.
  2. A 300-micron net filters finer particles, such as sediment and dust.

This ensures only clean rainwater enters your harvesting system, connecting easily to 3 or 4 corrugated drain pipes. Upgrade your rainwater management with this efficient and discreet solution.

Which filter is best for rainwater harvesting?

Looking for the best filter for rainwater harvesting in the UK? The Aquascape Downspout Filter is your top choice. Perfectly designed for installation at the bottom of your downpipe. This filtration box stops waste from entering your pond or water feature or better still your rain water harvesting unit. It's discreetly installed at the base of your downspout. This large downspout filter excels in capturing pollutants and debris from roofs during heavy rains.

What is a downpipe filter?

A downpipe filter, often used in rainwater harvesting systems, is a device installed at the base of a downspout (the pipe that directs rainwater from a roof gutter down to the ground or into a drainage system). Its primary purpose is to filter out debris, pollutants, and sediment from the rainwater collected off the roof.

Here are the key functions and features of a downpipe filter:

  1. Debris Filtration: The filter removes leaves, twigs, seeds, and small sediment that accumulate on the roof between rain events. This prevents clogging and ensures that the water collected is cleaner and more suitable for reuse.

  2. Multi-stage Filtration: Downpipe filters often have multiple stages of filtration. The first stage might consist of a grated lid and a layer of gravel to remove larger debris. The second stage could include a finer mesh or net, like a 300-micron net, to capture smaller particles.

  3. Connection to Rainwater Harvesting Systems: The filtered rainwater is then directed into a rainwater harvesting system, which could be a storage tank or reservoir. This water can be used for various purposes, such as irrigating gardens, flushing toilets, or washing cars.

  4. Installation and Design: Downpipe filters are designed to be installed at the base of a downspout, and many are built to be buried out of sight. They are constructed to easily connect to standard drain pipes, like 3 or 4-inch corrugated pipes.

  5. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the filter are necessary to ensure it functions effectively and does not get clogged with debris.

In summary, a downpipe filter is an essential component of a rainwater harvesting system, effectively filtering out debris and contaminants from rainwater before it is stored or utilized.

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