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32” (81cm) Spillway Bowl


Aquascape - Spillway Bowl Fountain 

As the Main UK Dealers of Aquascape Product we stock a full range of spillway bowls and Fountain Kits

The Aquascape 32" Spillway Bowl Fountain was inspired by Team Aquascape in the US after the Chicago Flower and Garden Show in 2014. The water feature shop team were part of creating this award winning show garden and the spillway bowl water feature was born and now we have them back in the UK. 

Pond Advisor Say.... travelling across the big pond to be part of the show was eye opening in many ways. I was honoured to be the aquatic plant guy at the show. I planted up the first prototype spillway bowl set into a 75cm high block retaining wall.


This Aquascape bowl fountain can be a standalone feature or part of a spillway bowl and basin set.

The full set spillway bowl, basin and bowl stand allows for an unlimited amount of installation possibilities.

The Aquascape Spillway Bowl is an ideal standalone overflowing water feature that will create a beautiful, tranquil focal point in almost any setting. You can add multiple to a stream or Pondless waterfall.

* Made from durable GFRC - (Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete)
* 81cm (32”) dia x 35cm (14”)H
* Unique and beautiful patina finish
* Light weight reinforced concrete and easy to install
*The Aquascape Spillway Bowl creates a beautiful spilling water feature that allows for variety of installation possibilities.

The Spillway Bowl can be installed as a standalone disappearing water feature using an Aquascape AquaBasin 45 or installed into an existing pond or water feature.

Combine the Spillway Bowl with the Spillway Basin, Spillway Bowl Stand, and water basin for an incredible standalone feature that is sure to impress. Made from durable GFRC, this incredible decorative feature is easy to install and built for years of trouble-free enjoyment. Its unique patina finish and 32" diameter allow the bowl to blend naturally into any environment. The included standpipe provides multiple options for tweaking the water flow after installation.

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