Empowering Contractors with Expert Support and Exclusive Benefits

At Garden Water Features, we don't just supply products; we partner with contractors to ensure they have the expertise, support, and resources they need to deliver outstanding water feature projects. Our unique value lies in our comprehensive support system, tailored specifically to enhance the capabilities of our contractor partners.

Core Offerings:

  1. Ripple-Makers Membership:

    • Eligibility: Automatically available to contractors who actively purchase from us.
    • Benefits: Includes free technical support, priority on leads generated by our marketing efforts, and access to our exclusive Water Features 999 emergency consultancy.
    • Philosophy: We believe in loyalty running both ways. The membership is free and is designed to add significant value without the need for purchasing from multiple sources.
  2. Consultancy Services (Water Features 999):

    • Scope: Technical and advanced situation support including seaming liners, advanced filtration systems, and more.
    • Pricing Strategy: Contractors buying the bulk exclusively from us receive heavily discounted rates on our consultancy fees, while those sourcing from multiple suppliers can still access our expertise at our normal rates of doing business.
    • Availability: Support is available (let us know with as much notice as possible, emergency site visits are possible), starting at a minimum of 30 min for phone support and minimum of half a day for on-site visits, ensuring that we provide meaningful, impactful assistance.
    • Delivery: Options for both on-site training and remote support via platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp for quick advice and video walkthroughs.

Free Access to Our Inspiration and Education Center:

  • We are more than a supplier; we are a leading educational hub for the water feature industry. Our center provides hands-on learning experiences, workshops, and showcases that our competitors simply don't offer.

How to Access Our Services:

  • Booking: Contractors can book our services directly through purchasing or using the form, ensuring easy access to our scheduling and availability.
  • Inquiries: For more detailed information or to discuss specific project needs, contractors are encouraged to contact us directly through the form, email or phone.


By choosing Garden Water Features, contractors not only get high-quality products but also a partnership that extends into making their business a success. Our comprehensive support system and commitment to contractor success set us apart in a competitive market, making us the ideal choice for water feature professionals.

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