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When Should I Start Feeding My Fish?

Written by Charlotte Wilson


Posted on March 21 2020

It all depends on the air temperature. As the days are starting to get warmer the top level of the pond water will warm up and the fish will react to the warmer water. You will start to see them come up to the surface and being more active as they start to wake up out of their winter dormancy. However, the night time air temperatures will drop quite low still and so will the water temperature. As the fish come out of their winter dormancy they will start to feed on natural foods such as algae and crustaceans like hog louse and shrimps. Although it’s tempting to feed the fish because they are coming up to the surface it’s best not to feed them just yet. It feels wrong and cruel to wait, I know, but wait we must. If we feed the fish too early it can cause gas and bacteria to build up in their intestine. This is why it is best to wait until the air temperature stabilises and stays at a temperature of 5 to 6 degrees at night. Once the air temperature hits 5 to 6 degrees the water temperature will rise and it will be time to start feeding and enjoying your fish. 

So monitor the temperatures for a while and wait until they stabilise at 5 to 6 degrees then get a glass of your favourite tipple or a cup of tea and go relax and enjoy feeding your fish. What nicer way to end a busy day, enjoy!