News Update ED’S Event

News Update ED’S Event

I have good news and bad news 

Bad News
Ed's up and coming event has been postponed, due to COVID-19
Aquascape are suspending all air travel for all employees for the next 30 days. Unfortunately, this means we will need to postpone the training date with Ed for later this month.

We have a contingency plan and will keep you all updated. We are still open for people to come and build, just not with Ed.

Good News
Have you guessed it?.......

It's now a perfect time to sell new ponds and water features!
Even if your clients are in quarantine, you can still work in their gardens and they can come out after you have left!

Here are my top 5 reasons why this virus could help you and your clients, if people are cancelling holidays and travel!
Why not replace the holiday blues with a staycation;

  1. Spend more time in your back garden with a water feature, enjoy the time away from the hustle and bustle of work.
  2. Flowing water is proven to increase positive ions all you need is a five-minute dose a day a real chance to unwind.
  3. Then you have a pond in your garden, it can be better than all the negatives vibe from the TV. How entertaining is it to watching and hand-feed fish or welcoming more wildlife to your garden.
  4. You can plan a new pond party for the family, working from home no problem, what a lovely way for people to spend time having lunch or drinks by the pond.
  5. Nature does not stop, why lack of media, having a wildlife pond this time of the year is a great place to learn more about nature. Meditation by any pond is great for personal growth as people and what a better way to become more cultured.
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