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Sponsorship to academy

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With No Pondo this year, the water feature shop team thought it would be a good idea to put together a sponsorship deal for all our trade customers and people wanting to learn about the business of selling water features.

This event is in Chicago, and the cost covers the training for the primary academy and Ed's advanced class (January dates only).  

This sponsorship deal is an excellent investment to help you:

learn how to jump-start your pond business or reach the next "advanced level",

learn what it takes to sell and design advanced water features,

Of course, experience Aqualand first-hand in the winter (it's not a good idea to pack shorts, however), 

The price includes the following:

a place to stay*

both pieces of training

and meals*

The price does not include the following:


any spending money,

or duty-free,

*Meals included on training days (see the Academy website for more info).

*We also have you coved for a place to stay if needed. People on a tight budget after Christmas - we have booked limited spaces at Aqualand. If, however, you prefer to have your own space and stay in a hotel, Aquascape has a discounted rate of $95, with the holiday inn, with a shuttle service to and from Aqualand.

Hotel Address: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago West – St. Charles, 155 38th Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174

Please note any aquascape training vouchers can be used against this registration (reach out to Mark or Charlotte). 

Members of the Shop TEAM will fly out of London. Reach out (we are happy to share info and provide a lift from Ohare to St Charles).

Aquascape Academy Days - Jan 9th - Jan 11th 2023

For more information, hit the link, what to pack, academy itinerary, 

Here's what will be covered during the first two training days:

  • Aquascape has its revolutionary 20 steps 20 products construction process. You'll witness the entire construction process first-hand as our installation crew creates an Aquascape ecosystem pond from start to finish in just ONE day!
  • How to promote and market your business to get new customers and turn existing clients into water feature owners.
  • The streamlined process to properly design and sell suitable water features for any property at any budget.
  • The systematic, paint-by-numbers blueprint formula is broken down for you to follow on your path to becoming a Certified Aquascape Contractor.
  • Learn the top ten dos and don'ts of every successful water feature business.

Advanced Water Features - Jan 11th - Jan 13th 2023

For more information about the advanced days, hit the link.

Here's what will be covered during the two advanced days:

  • Advanced pond construction techniques
  • Intake Bays & Negative Edges
  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Recreation Ponds
  • Estimating Large Projects and Large Project Management


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