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Aquascape Underlayment - 20 Sq M

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This Pond Underlayment is a professional grade Non-Woven Underlay which is Fish Safe so can also be used as a pond overlay as well.

This Aquascape Non-Woven Geotextile is roughly a square 4.5m by 4.5m 

Large flat sheet of contractor grade pond underlayment with a total surface area of 20.25 square meters.

Then it comes to you it is a nicely folded flat sheet of black pond underlay.


This protection is used above and below the liner.

Under the liner (Underlay)

This underlayment is used to protect pond and water feature liner from rocks, roots, and other sharp objects that may damage the liner. The underlayment is lightweight, spreads easily, and has a non-slippery surface, making installation quick and easy. The soft geo textile is made from polypropylene and allows for any gases to escape properly, rather than becoming trapped beneath the liner.

Above the liner (Overlay)

This underlay can also be used as a overlay for cheap insurance that your pond liner is not going to be punched or damaged (above and below).  

Site preparation (soil preparation)

Remove as much stone and sharp items in the groundwork process then protect the surface with this underlay protection before layering the pond liner EPDM 1mm, then add a second layer acting as a fish safe overlay, before adding the rocks and gravel.

This product is not a guarantee that the liner will not be damaged it is just extra protection from the elements and normal digging conditions. 


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