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Beneficial Bacteria - Pond Starter - Professional

Beneficial Bacteria - Pond Starter - Professional

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Elevate your pond's ecosystem with Aquascape Pond Starter Bacteria Professional Grade. Perfect for new pond installations and seasonal start-ups, this advanced formula rapidly establishes a robust biological ecosystem. Its professional-grade concentration, 25% higher than the consumer version, efficiently supports the nitrogen cycle, promoting crystal-clear, healthy water. Ideal for pond professionals and enthusiasts who seek superior quality, each bottle treats up to 96,000 gallons (420,000 litres), making it suitable for a wide range of pond sizes. The included measuring cup and easy-to-follow dosage guide ensure hassle-free application. Safe for all aquatic life, plants, and wildlife, this potent formula is the key to a thriving, low-maintenance pond.

Professional Grade Pond Starter Bacteria Features:

  • Professional Strength: 25% more concentrated than the consumer version for potent efficacy. 
  • Healthy Ecosystem Support: Enhances the nitrogen cycle, which is vital for maintaining water clarity and health.
  • Significant Area Coverage: Treats up to 96,000 gallons, suitable for ponds of various sizes.
  • Ease of Use: Comes with a measuring cup and clear dosage instructions.
  • Safe and Eco-friendly: Harmless for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife.

Professional Grade Pond Starter Bacteria Benefits:

  • Reduced Maintenance: Significantly minimises the need for frequent pond upkeep.
  • Rapid Ecosystem Establishment: Ideal for new ponds and spring rejuvenations.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: Promotes crystal-clear, healthy pond water.

Professional Grade Pond Starter Bacteria Ideal For:

  • Professional pond builders and maintainers seeking a reliable start-up treatment.
  • Garden Pond owners are seeking a reliable, high-quality solution for building or revitalising bacteria in their ponds and lakes.
  • Those who prioritise safety and effectiveness in pond care products.

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