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Pond Skimmer 1000 Filter Mat


Filter Mat - 1000 Pond Skimmer

Replacement filter mat for Aquascape 1000 Pond Skimmer.  We are the UK agents for the complete Aquascape Signature Series™ Range.

Medium density rigid filter pad to remove smaller sediment and debris. The Aquascape Medium Density Rigid Filter Mat for the 1000 pond skimmer provides efficient mechanical and some biological filtration for your pond.
The filter mat is pre cut and ready to fit inside the 1000 skimmer. This Medium Density Rigid Filter Mat is 1.5 inches thick and extremely easy to maintain, only needing to be cleaned periodically.
Aquascape replacement filter mats are a direct replacement of the original filter media that came with your Aquascape Skimmer


Includes One Filter Mat

Pond Advisors says...

For best results we recommend combining different densities to maximise mechanical and biological filtration. 

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