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24” (60cm) Patio Pond - Green Slate

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Aquascape Small Patio Pond For Sale

Your own outdoor water world with optional fountains and water plants for your Patio or Balcony.

These simple-to-install patio ponds make it easy to enjoy a beautiful water garden within a matter of minutes! Set up a beautiful planted water bowl filled with all sorts of aquatic plants. Include an under water light and a small pond fish to add a little colour and diversity to your new patio pond!

Small bamboo fountains reproduce soothing running water sounds right on your patio in your mini aquatic haven these little water garden bring. You can find these in a variety of colours and sizes; you’re also able to put your patio container water garden - pond anywhere – both indoors and out depending on the season!

Different people put their patio ponds in different places. The Wilson family likes to have theirs right in the back garden. Over the years, we’ve had a variety of homes that have attractive outdoor spaces. We spend a lot of time outside during the summer, and our patio is both our kitchen and gathering space when we do so.

If the weather permits, I go outside first thing. I sip my morning coffee while enjoying the sights and sounds of our beautiful patio pond.
When we have lunch over the weekend, my wife makes lunch for all of us. When it gets really hot, I move over to the garden area to cool down, where our patio pond and pondless waterfalls are situated. In the summertime we barbecue outside and sit at our patio table. Saturday nights are the times we sit around the water features and enjoy the sounds and sights with friends and family.

The water features we have in our kitchen and patio connect these two areas in many ways. The patio pond is the heart of our garden where we hang with our friends and have wonderful conversations. It’s the main hub of connection and conversation in our back garden, and everyone feels welcome around the patio pond!

Which Patio Pond Will You Choose to Transform Your Garden?
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Aquatic Patio Pond Kit
Are you a fan of water garden but lack space for a full pond? Check out the Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond Kit, which makes it easy to have a full water garden in nearly any kind of setting without ever needing to use your shovel!
The Aquatic Patio Pond Kit’s plumbing ports and built-in plant shelf help make it a breeze to have a visually pleasing planted container water garden. Its durable and strong fibreglass construction ages like actual stone, is light, and won’t ever chip or fade.

The Aquascape Patio Ponds will transform any indoor or outdoor environment seamlessly. and its natural finish helps it to beautifully blend into nearly any kind of environment you’ll put it in!

Round Patio Ponds - does not include any water pump or filter

These patio ponds are a heavy duty so perfect as a professional grade here in the UK. The Quality is outstanding made from fibreglass resin to with stand the cold, way pass anything we get here in Europe. These ponds can standalone on a patio or as part of a bigger water garden or water feature. A Patio Pond for Every Size & Space…


Small Patio Pond - Round Pond

  • Capacity: 37.8 Litres of water
  • {Limited mini fish bowl - summer months only with our patio bowl filter}
  • 60cm Diameter | 30cm High
  • L (24”) x W (24”) x H (12”) “in Inches”
  • Boxed Weight - 13Kg

All these round patio ponds come in three different colours:


Square Patio Ponds - does not include any water pump or filter

These high quality pre formed square patio ponds come in a textured grey slate finish three sizes in total:

Small Square Patio Pond

  • Capacity: 55 Litres of water
  • {Mini fish pool - Summer months only with our patio bowl filter}
  • 55cm Square | 30cm High
  • L (22”) x W (22”) x H (12”) “in Inches”
  • Boxed Weight - 13Kg

All these Ponds are sold Individually or as Patio Pond Kits.Buy Patio Ponds

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