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Fish Food - Colour Enhancing


Ideal for small to medium pond fish 

  • Floating pellets ideal for all pond fish
  • Includes stabilised multivitamin 
  • Will not break apart and cloud the pond water
  • Contains high quality protein 
  • Will promote brilliant colours on all pond fish
  • Can be fed at lower water temperatures

How do I feed my pond fish?

When feeding, sprinkle the pond food in the same area of the pond.  Your fish will quickly learn to come to the same spot, helping to reduce uneaten food.  We recommend that you use a small measuring scoop. So you can learn the optimum amount to feed.  If the fish don’t come over to the usual feeding area.  Add a smaller amount of food so you don’t have to remove lots of uneaten food. 

How much should I feed my pond fish?

Feed as much as the pond fish will completely consume within three minutes.

How often can I feed? 

You can feed the fish up to three times a day.  Regular feeding your pond fish a well balanced fish food will help to keep them healthy, happy and colourful. 

The Aquascape fish foods contain beneficial microbes that aid in digestion, enabling the fish to assimilate nutrients resulting in less waste, better nutrition and a cleaner pond. 

This fish food contains Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Rice bran, Krill meal, Wheatgerm meal, Wheat, Chitosan, Fish oil (preserved with ethoxyquin), Salt, Spirulina: to name a few of the Ingredients. 


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