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Eds - Two Day Pass


Learn both how to install a pond and a constructed wetland.

Looking to see how both a pond and wetland are built. 

Want to expand your landscaping skills, this is a great chance to network with like minded people.

Come and Join Ed “The Pond Professor” as he teaches you not only the basics but some real advanced techniques.

Ed has successfully built and designed hundreds of custom eco system ponds.

Add these ecosystem ponds and these types of wetland filtration to your products and services. 

These two days are a great event that naturally flow.  Ed will be covering basic and advanced stuff.  A lot of people learn by doing so why not get your boots on and have a go? You’ll walk away with lots of first hand knowledge, not only seeing how a basic pond kit is installed in one day but also how to install the snorkel and centipede with aqua-bloc’s.  These two day are a engaging training event (with lots of opportunity to ask questions and network). 

Will you leave inspired - yes 100%, Ed might not be back in the UK (building for sometime).

During this event, you will receive one-on-one attention from The Pond Professor and the experienced British Certified Aquascape Contractor’s as we equip you with the fundamentals of pond building and advanced wetland filtration. 

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