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Aquatic Art Live

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Aquatic Art Live 

What is Aquatic Art Live:

Aquatic Art Live is an event to raise the bar on aquatic art in the UK and raise money for people that matter*

The Pond Advisor Invitational - 26th March - 8.30am until 5.30pm


Who can attend:

that anyone can attend in person (come and watch or volunteer to get your hands dirty) if you cant make in person. 

Don't worry you can watch part of the event live from the comfort of your own home, via YouTube (This event will be live on YouTube for 60-90mins in the Morning and again in the Afternoon, book your seat now).

These aquatic events showcase aquatic art from leading professionals, raising the bar of natural artistic water features.

Come and see our world-class aquatic art and spectate during the first-ever annual waterfall building competition "The Pond Advisor Invitational"

What is The Pond Advisor Invitational:

Teams of two will battle it out in front of your eyes, it's amazing what these companies can be achieved in a very short space of time. 

The captains for this debut event are as follows: 

Daniel from Brit Ponds,

Mikey from McQueen Landscapes,

JD from JD landscapes and Ponds,

These companies create some of the best water features in the UK, all of which are Master CACs.

Tai Chi with John G: Each morning a small group will start the day with a sequence of very slow controlled movements.

Pondless Waterfall builds in the college Gardens John G: Come and join John G Adams Modern Design Aquascaping, Friendsville, Tennessee at our Aquatic Art Live event to help raise awareness for our building styles and for Johns foundation.

John does not need much introduction to most (some have met John stateside). To those who don't know him, he is a redneck that won the "Artist of the year" award in 2013 and has multiple awards for his work with natural stone and woods. So who better than to help raise the bar than John Adams!

23rd - 25th March

John G will be building a new feature here in the college gardens and we have opened the doors for you to come and meet and watch John and our team at work.  There is also another reason, we want to help John raise awareness for his Sawyer Mason Foundation. This is something John has recently set up in memory of his grandson.

Mark ‘The Pond Advisor’ and John will be going live for an hour in the morning and afternoon on YouTube and can answer any questions.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to come and meet and watch an award-winning artist in action.

Also a chance to give back to people that matter, all money will be donated to the Sawyer Mason Foundation

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