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Aquascape UK Pagoda Fountain Rocks Set Of 3


Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Rocks incorporate the sights and sounds of water into any environment by providing a unique natural stone water feature that can be easily tied into any yard or landscape. Each stone is unique in shape, color, and texture and the layered formation of the stones creates a beautiful rippling effect as water runs over the surface. The set contains one large, one medium, and one small rock, allowing for an aesthetically balanced feature. Our Pagoda Fountain Rocks are core-drilled for easy installation and recessed for use with our Aquascape Fountain Accent Light


  • Ideal for creating a unique, recirculating stone fountain
  • Natural stone fountain rocks
  • Layered formation created beautiful rippling effect
  • Includes one large, one medium, and one small stone
  • Core-drilled and recessed

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